Week Five: Lighting & Bathroom Update

I can’t believe we are just one week away from the big reveal! It’s crazy how fast the time has gone. As I promised last week, I’ll be diving deeply into the lighting plan for the guest suite and sharing a few exciting progress shots. Because the main space is mostly finished, I’m going to bring you up to speed on the bathroom. Honestly, I wasn’t sure I would get to it before next week, but I’m feeling ambitious, and I’ve got some exciting progress shots to share. BUT before we get into all the bathroom madness, let’s talk lighting.  

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So, lighting is important for any space, but I felt that it was especially tricky to figure out for the guest suite, given our combination of low ceilings and very little natural light. Although the space is small, I ended up using six different types of lights.

For the overhead lights, I used a super affordable ceramic socket. I ended up going with this option because I need a lot of them. Plus, the depth of the fixture is just deep enough to allow the light from the bulbs to extend below the exposed beams without creating shadows. I used 11 of them to give the space a nice, even light. I spent a long time figuring out what bulbs to use on the ceiling because they are so visible. I felt like Edison bulbs would be too yellow look plus not very cost or energy efficient. Another concern I have is that the lights are low and thus a little easier to knock into. There are a lot of LED Edison bulbs out there and I’m leaning in that direction. I’ll let you know next week what I decide on next week. If you as confused about all the new light bulb options available you can check out this great lightbulb guide I found. 

With the overhead lighting needs more or less addressed, I moved on to finding a few key lamps and sconces to give the space a cozy, relaxing glow. Beside the bed, I used two wall-mounted sconces in order to preserve valuable bedside table space. In the seating area, I used two floor lamps that were similar in style but different in scale to light the middle of the room.  On a table by the window, I used a vintage ceramic lamp to mix up the textures and styles. Beyond doing an amazing job at creating a cozy glow, the lamps provide a nice sculptural element and lend the space a modern edge. 

 Pouf //
Hide Rug //
Club Chair //

In case you were wondering, here’s a refresher on the furniture in the seating area. The chairs create a strong symmetry so I felt a free to go a little asymmetry with the floor lighting. Rather than I coffee table that would block the view of the fireplace I used a small table and a leather pouf. I figure people can move them around as needed and I like the casual feel. 

Progress Updates: The Bathroom 

So, since I last shared images of the bathroom, I painted the ceiling and added a little trim using more of the True Craft Scene III 3 1/2 inch fir casing. The baseboards are simple 6-inch boards. My plan was to paint the lower half of the wall in Farrow & Ball Blue Gray but now I’m leaning towards black. What do you guys think?   the upper part of the wall is getting wallpapered with the same Crescent wallpaper I used behind the bed.  

I still need to figure out a mirror and a vanity light for over the sink. I really want a round mirror. I’m hoping I can find both this week. My plan is to hit up some of my go-to vintage spots… wish me luck!  

I’m thinking about customizing a shade for the ceiling fixture. As you can see, I’m testing out an option here. Not sure I’ll get to that, but either way I promise that by next week I’ll at least screw it into the ceiling. 

I found this soap holder a couple of years back, and I’m so happy to finally be able to install it! 

Aside from paint, I still need to make a curtain for the bathroom window. I know it might seem a bit funny, but the bathroom is small, and I thought adding this little window would bring in some much-needed natural light without compromising privacy. 

Okay, gang – that’s all I’ve got for this week. Gotta get back to work… I guess this project is turning into the One & A Half Room Challenge, but I like it that way. Be sure to check back next week because the big reveal is coming! 

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