Making A Covered Box Spring

About a month ago, I did a little bedding refresh. Our bedroom is one place I haven’t paid much attention to in the last few years. You might remember, a few years back when I dyed fabric and created this custom wall treatment. I still really love the walls, however,  I didn’t actually get to keep the bedding that I used for the shoot so the whole room was a lot less finished looking IRL.  I love our vintage headboard but It’s always been a little bit of a puzzle trying to figure out what type of foundation to use for our mattress.

Up until now I just used a metal frame with a dust ruffle that I never really liked. I’m not universally against the dust ruffle but in this room, it felt a little fussy. I’ve also found that they tend to trap dust and pet hair. I needed a solution that offered a little clearance between the floor and the boxspring. So I set my sights on creating an upholstered box spring.

 Here’s what I used:

  • A few yards of polyester batting
  • A staple gun
  • Fabric glue
  • One set of Pretty Pegs 
  • Several Yards of Velvet
  1. To get started I cut three lengths of batting, two for each of the three exposed sides of the box spring. When you are cutting out your pieces leave a little extra so that you have enough extra to wrap around the top and bottom edges.
  2. Next, I positioned 2 layers of batting along the edge of the box spring and used my staple gun to attach the batting to the bottom. Along the top edge of the box spring, I used fabric glue to adhere the batting around the top edge. My box spring did not have any wood along the top edge so the stable gun wouldn’t work. I repeated the processes on all three edges.
  3. To attach the fabric, I cut 3 lengths of fabric about 5 inches wider than the box spring in all directions and repeated the processes of stapling along the bottom and gluing along the top edge. To hide the cut edges along the corners I folded the fabric to create a decorative effect.
  4. To attach the legs to my mattress I used a drill to attach the mounting hardware that came with my Pretty Pegs.


To finish off the look I made 2 velvet pillows out of the same fabric for the top of the bed. Last fall I participated in the One Room Challenge and I got a major hook up with a Pinecone Hill Bedding set. After using it in our BnB for a few weeks, I quickly realized that it was way simpler to use all white bedding for guests.  I decided to move the linen duvet and shams upstairs to our room.  I love the way the gray and pink work together. For texture, I added a nubby wool blanket.

This room is far from finished. We still need a bigger rug, new window treatments and a pair of cute little chairs to go over by that window but one thing at a time. I’m feeling way better about the look of things in here! A few little changes can go a long way.

Photos: by @tastecode

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