Photo by Lesley Unruh
Photo by Lesley Unruh


As an Interior Designer and Blogger, documenting my work is super important, but photographing interiors is a tricky task! Creating a beautiful image is a highly technical and an intensely creative process. Even the most perfectly appointed space might not read well on camera.  For the sake of a good photo, furniture placement is often exaggerated. Drapes and pillows need to be finessed, and small props that look totally unnatural in real life need to be layered into a shot to give it depth and personality. Successful images tell a story and communicate a mood with light, shadow, and just the right composition and that takes way more work that you might think my friends!

That is why I’m thrilled to be with partnering with 22 other interior designers in what we are calling #CameraReadyInteriors, a group blogging event, the brainchild of the ultra talented Jana Beck, to celebrate the talented photographers that capture our designs so beautifully.

Today I’m highlighting the work of a few of photographers who’s work often appears on my site; I hope you’ll check out their portfolios! 

Manu Rodriguez

Photo by Manuel Rodriguez
Photo by Manuel Rodriguez

Manu and I first meet when we both worked for Martha Stewart and we reconnected while at One Kings Lane. He is the epitome of versatility and talent rolled into one.  In addition to shooting some of my favorite projects, Manu also shot and directed all of my how-to videos.  I was super uncomfortable on camera when we first started making them and his understanding of storytelling, and ability to give direction quickly put me at ease.  Manu has a keen eye and I can honestly say that in addition to being super fun to work with he has tough me the most about styling and composition. This projects also happens to be in Manu’s bedroom, after years of working together I figured I owed it to him.  

To see more of Manu’s work check out his website or find him on Instagram @manufotomanu


Lesley Unruh

Photo by Lesley Unruh
Photo by Lesley Unruh

Lesley and I first started working together on my Weekend Decorator column and from the moment we met I knew I liked her. I was quickly excited to find out that her photos were beautiful. Shoots are hard work and sometimes it’s challenging to keep the creative vibes going after a long day of shooting. Lesley is a true artist and brings that high standard to every shot! From the first shot to the last she’s all about the details.  Whether she is meticulously reflecting light or suggesting a touch of whimsy, like the Foo Dog on the floor in this shot,  Lesly brings beauty to every shot with an easy going style. 

To see more of Lesley’s work check out her website or find her on Instagram @allenunruh

Marili Forastieri 

Photo by Marili Forastieri
Photo by Marili Forastieri

Marili and I have only worked together a couple of times, most recently on a shoot in upstate NY. It can be a little nerve-racking to work with someone new but Marili and I clicked right from the start. After a career in fashion, Marili transitioned to interiors and brings a sense of style and expert know-how to the table. The day we shot this space it was hot and the space was small, but you would never know that from the effortless look of the shots. I’m excited to work with Marili more! 

To see more of Marili’s work check out her website or find her on Instagram @mariliphoto

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