Bedstuy Bedroom Makeover

I’m never one to shy away from a challenge and this renter friend makeover for my friend and One Kings Lane Editor Dickson Wong was a project I couldn’t resist! This is Dickson’s first solo apartment, a true right of passage for most New Yorkers and I was excited to help! The apartment is actually very nice but like a lot of city dwellers, the bedroom had a slightly challenging layout and was lacking detail. In short, the bedroom was boring especially considering how stylish its occupant is. Ready to see how I transformed this space with a few key (renter friendly) additions? Let’s get started.

The Canopy Bed

The obvious focal point of the room is the bed so I invested most of my energy here. It’s no secret, that I love a canopy bed, in fact, I’ve created quite a few over the years (link). There are a lot of ways to configure a canopy and they easily work for a variety of different styles. Here I created a canopy out of 3 drapes hung from the ceiling. I positioned one large drape behind the bed and 2 shorter drapes on the sides. Dickson didn’t have a headboard so this helped to anchor the bed in the space and created major drama. I skipped putting drapes at the end of the bed because I didn’t want to block the view of the canopy and bedding.

Tip: Because the ceiling is white and the hardware attaches there, it will be really easy to remove and patch a couple of small holes when Dickson leaves.

You could easily create this look using pre-made drapes but we decided to splurge on some custom drapes and hardware from The Shade Store. Because the canopy is scaled to fit a queen-sized bed, it can travel with Dickson to his next apartment. so We felt like the investment in these custom beauties was money well spent. The Shade store also offers measuring and installation services making it the perfect way to add a custom touch without the hassle of a major DIY. The ordering process is so simple and knowledgeable staff will guide you through every step of the processes.

The Bedding

For the outside of the drapes, I used a natural colored raw silk lined in a silk/linen the polka dot fabric. In keeping with our natural graphic vibes, I choose simple white bedding with a gray border. The 3 mismatched through pillows in velvet, a graphic stripe, and fur, add texture and a slightly informal feel to the bed.

The Finishing Touches

The aria when you first enter Dickson room was crying out for something but space was tight. An elegant demilune was the perfect solution because of the rounded corners it takes up less space. Like the chair, this piece has a lot of integrity and will easily transition with Dickson over the years. Fun fact, this little light Moroccan wedding blanket inspired pendant is actually an old project that I created a couple of years ago. I was so happy to bring it out of storage and give it a good home in Dickson’s updated space.

The Bedside Tables

On either side of the bed, we only had about 12 inches of space to work with. Rather than trying to squeeze a table in the space I opted for a pair of vintage corbels. I mounted one on each side of the bed. On one side I added a wall mounted sconce to act as a bedside light.

The Seating Aria

Because real-estate was tight I had to be strategic with the additions to the rest of the room. First on the list was a seating aria. We didn’t have space to a large piece of furniture so I choose the Louie chair. This chair was perfect fit size wise and has a really pretty shape that can hold its own as a solo chair. As a renter I wanted Dickson to have a piece that he could easily incorporate into another room if he moves. I also love that this chair has a little upholstery; it softens the look and gives it versatility.

The Windows

For the windows, I commissioned the shade store to create 2 roman shades in the same solid silk fabric I used for the outside of the canopy drapes. Because Dickson’s windows don’t have any moldings I knew I wanted to find a way to beef up the impact of the windows. Between the random polka dot pattern of the drapes and the large, Pop-Art Print we were already channeling a graphic pop art vibe so I decided to go for it with a simple window DIY. I used a removable wallpaper that comes in thin strips to create a bold outline around the windows. I applied lengths of the removable paper to all 4 sides of the window and cut the ends to create a decorative detail.


This project was originally documented for the One Kings Lane Style Blog

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