A Master Bedroom In Pink

Guys, I’ve been working on a super fun client project that’s finally coming together after months of planning and work. We’re re-doing a kitchen, living room, a master bedroom and 2 bathrooms… I’m so happy with the way things are coming along & I can’t wait to share images of the finished spaces BUT we’re not exactly photo ready at the moment. Now that most of the design decision have been made I thought I’d start sharing a few of our mood boards so you can see what I’ve been up to… Starting with the master bedroom. The space has some challenges like a permanent AC window unit and it was in need of a paint refresh.  Nothing was crazy wrong with the room, like a loot of bedrooms the space was just a little neglected. Luckily, my client already had a great canopy bed and two white side tables so I incorporate them into the design.  I’ve still got a few exciting tricks up my sleeve, including a majorly exciting window treatment, but I’ll save those for the final reveal! Keep reading for a look at our inspiration and the DL on the key pieces I used to bring this space to life.

This home is located in South Kensington, London. Designed by Dyer Grimes Architects, via Home Adore. This home is located in South Kensington, London. Designed by Dyer Grimes Architects, via Home Adore.

1.// Oberlin Buffet Lamp: These lamps are super tall like super models. It’s hard to tell when you see them online but they are really tall and well proportioned. The room has super high ceilings so these bad girls do a good job of anchoring the space on either side of the bed.

2.// Mid-Century Nightstand: The side tables are simple, clean functional. I especially like the delicate legs.

3.// Via Marble Bookcase: The bookshelf is technically just outside the bedroom in the hall but it belongs in our rose gold color palette. We got rid of a bookshelf in another part of the house so this little guy was really needed!  Bonus points for being the sexiest bookshelf in the land. It’s even prettier in person!

images via T Magazine // photography by Henry Bourne images via T Magazine // photography by Henry Bourne

4.// Cultiver Linen Bedding: I wanted a modern “unmade” feel for the bed to counteract the uber feminine color palette of the space.  Not all bedding looks good wrinkled so mastering the “unmade” bed without looking like a slob requires picking just the right texture (linen works great) & style (read simple).  I love the casual cool vibe of this bed by designer Fey Toogood. For my client, I chose sheets and pillows in 2 shades, Blush, and Dusk. Because clearly pink on pink is the theme here.

5.// Black and White Mudclot Pillow: This extra long pillow adds just the right pop of black and breaks up the sea of pink without going to a fussy, lots of pillows, place.

6.// Architecture Bed: The canopy bed is simple and elegant. I think it adds just the right amount of glam with a kinda tough girl vibe.

7.// Ralph Lauren Paint in Bonneted & Box Pleat: For the walls I originally thought I wanted to use Ralph Lauren Bonneted but when we got a test section painted on the wall it felt a little too pink. So, I mixed it with another Ralph Lauren paint (Box Pleat) to tone it down. A 50/50 Mix of these two colors produced the most beautiful shade!  I love mixing a custom shade just be sure to keep track of the ratio so you can recreate it for touch ups. That’s why I like a 50/50 mix… Simple!

8.// Smythson Shagreen Dresser: The texture of this dresser is unbelievable in person! I didn’t want to add another wood finish to the space so the faux shagreen of the dresser worked perfectly!

9.// Half Moon Mirror:  If a mirror and fiber art had a baby it would look like this. I’m in love with this piece.

10.// Cobble Hill Ellen Bench: Again it’s had to see in a picture but in person the scale of this bench is just perfect for the end of a bed!  I love that it ties back in with the white of the side table.

11.// Tufted Jellyfish Rug: This little rug is going to sit at the foot of the bed and keep the vibe of the room from getting too serious. I’m layering it over a larger natural-fiber rug that will cover more floor space.  Because the image is so pretty it didn’t make any sense to hide 3/4 of the rug under the bed.

Head over to Pinterest & check out more pieces from this Dreamy pink boudoir!!

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