Pflug Vlog // Episode One // Kokedama

Is it Spring yet?! Here on the east coast, we are heading into our third Noreaster of the season and I’m ready to swap the snow for some verdant greens and pretty flowers. It doesn’t look like I will be heading out into the garden anytime soon so I decided to indulge my green thumb with an indoor gardening project, and I have always wanted to give Kokedama a try. Kokedama is essentially a moss covered ball of soil. I’ve always loved the way these simple moss balls elevate the look of ordinary houseplants so I was excited to up my plant game. Wanna see how I created my very first Kokedama? It is deceptively easy! Hit play below.

Project Recap:

  1. Gently remove potting mix from your plant’s roots.
  2. Mix peat moss & bonsai soil & water to create a dry but sticky mud ball.
  3. Crack the ball in half and carefully place the plant’s roots between the two halves and re forme the ball.
  4. Cover the ball with moss and secure it with waxed twine.

Notes & Tips:

  1. Choose plants that don’t mind drying out in between watering. I found that the orchid and the begonia are doing the best out of all the plants I tried.
  2. water your plans once a week by soaking them in cool water.
  3. The Kokedama look amazing when hung from a length of strings however I found that they are more accessible to water when placed directly on a surface. Having to unhook them to water became a bit of an ordeal for me.

FYI this post is the first in a new series I’m calling Pflug Vlog created in collaboration with my friend & videographer Manuel Rodriguez. We are having so much fun and hope to bring you more inspiring, elevated and light-hearted how too’s in the months to come.

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